Altea feel good

The reasons why I enjoy the people which took the name is when you feel the breeze along the beaches, feel the air when you go and you look out to the viewpoints of the old town, any town air is good and feel good. Even when parties and embassies arrive, the air smelling of gunpowder, feel good. No other people as Altea. Altea feel good.

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Whenever you go to Altea, you will feel that you are in home

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I was born in a small fishing village, and so I feel connected to the people and the sea, even though I love the mountains and nature, but the sea is something special that captivates you, grabs you. When I started studying, I had to go to a big city, and although it also has sea and is close, it was not the same. Because it was a city. I must say that I adapted easily because she found many good things that you miss when you live in a town, such as easy access for their transport to the center and around the city, its many shops where you can find almost everything, and a wide range of entertainment any day of the week. Despite all that good stuff, and that has been many years still longing for everyday living in a village.

Altea is one of those towns that reminds me of the mine, a paradise where everyone would like to live more sooner or later, as much as we love the city and all the comforts of the world. In a people always find things in a city can not buy, such as proximity of its people, because if you live in a town will not be a neighbor, but will be a part in everyone’s life. You will enjoy every second against a unique setting, the sea, an ideal temperature throughout the year. You can take long walks through the streets, and soak up its food, and popular culture. Altea, where better to live with your loved ones. There you will find the peace of mind that we all need, because everything comes, but slowly. Altea Dare to know and enjoy all the good things if you do not know her. Altea, will catch you, will captivate you. Because whenever you go to Altea, always, always feel that you are home.

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Altea romantic

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I love Altea because my guy surprised me when we started dating, and six years ago, with a romantic dinner in the old city. It was summer, the square illuminated with thousands of lights, soothing music and exquisite food. He could not choose better to surprise. Now whenever we try to stop near Altea to remember that night.

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Charming Altea

Altea Encantadora

Dear Friends,
Altea is charming for its streets, magical places, variety of restaurants, bars, pubs, tea shops, pubs, its unforgettable and unique views from the lookout, the light of day, the romance of night, so that you feel every time that there was so incredibly unique moments, all that and much more is special, one of the most wonderful places to go within yourself and whom you never lose the desire of returning !

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I like Altea very Much

A Julian, le gusta mucho Altea

“I love this little piece of paradise, the two things that I stand out are the walk, wonderful, and the old town with its church. I like both summer with its busy streets, like any other day, with a little melancholy. In Altea you also breath art, with students, with its quaint shops, with its summer craft shows.It has everything, and have peace, peace, peace … what more could you want? Oh special mention for food that is simply delicious. I said, I really like ALTEA. “

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Altea, A paradise on the Earth

Altea, paraiso en la Tierra para David

“I like Altea for the kindness and courtesy with which you receive from alteanos, that make you feel one.  These beautiful beaches that make sntirte like you’re in paradise. Because despite modernity retains its old town atmosphere, its white houses  transmit peace and tranquility, because besides all this, It has many spaces for fun and have a good time, either alone or with family

In think Altea is a paradise on Earth “

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